Welcome! I’m Jolene and I LOVE that you’re here!

I started this little business in 1999. Yeah, you can do the math on that; I’d rather not :P I started out specializing in high school seniors until early 2015 when I turned my focus to boudoir. I believe that the Universe sent me down this path for a reason. Take a peek at the “Love Letters” portion of this site and you’ll understand why.

I have since made it my personal mission to empower women on their journey to self love. We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with unrealistic images and standards. I help women to accept and love themselves as they are right now, in this moment.

Yeah, I have the best job evaaah!

When I’m not shooting or staring bleary eyed at my computer you can find me with my family probably doing something outdoors.

So send me a message with all your questions! I firmly believe a boudoir session is an experience every woman should have.

Are you ready?